Best Places to See Muay Thai in Nonthaburi

Muay Thai is a popular form of Thai boxing that many people enjoy. However, when visiting Thailand, it may be difficult to find the best venues to watch a match on your own. You may be stuck searching “best place s to see Muay Thai in Nonthaburi”.

Rajadamnern Stadium
One of the best venues would have to be the Rajadamnern Stadium. This was the first ever Muay Thai stadium built in Thailand, so it has a historical significance for fans of the sport to visit. If deciding to watch a match here, they are hosted typically 4 days a week and you can find the tickets here.

Lumpinee Boxing Stadium
Another choice is the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Some people have complained that this stadium isn’t as easily accessible as the Rajadamnern Stadium, however it does host high-profile fights you may not be able to catch anywhere else. This would be an easy sacrifice for big fans of Muay Thai, and you can find more information on Lumpinee here.

The Channel 7 Stadium
The Channel 7 Stadium used to be a secret venue, but is now popping with tourists from all over. Although it may be a bit packed, if you’re running low on cash you’ll be happy to know that the standing section is free to view from. This stadium is actually a TV studio as well, and hosts fights for regular programming. You can find information on Channel 7 Stadium here.
There are plenty of awesome venues in Thailand to watch Muay Thai, but these are the top 3 and are perfect for the dedicated fans of Thai boxing.