Preeminent Places to See Muay Thai in Chiang Mai

Muay Thai is a renowned and an enthralling sport renowned across the world. In Thailand, Muay Thai is considered as a national sporting activity respected by people from all walks of life. Mostly Muay Thai utilizes participant player’s legs and hands intentionally to take down their opponent for a win.
The best venues to catch Muay Thai Match
• Lumpinee Stadium.
Lumpinee is located on Ram Intra Road 12km from Don Muang Airport. It holds fights on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.
• Rajadamnern Stadium.
Rajadamnern is situated near tourist area in the Old City. Mostly this sporting activity is carried out on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
• Channel 7 Stadium.
Channel 7 is located near Mo Chit BTS Station and Chatuchak Park MRT Station. It holds Muay Thai matches every Sunday afternoon. Entry is free.
• MX Muay Xtreme.
MX is located in downtown Sukhumvit and it performs Muay Thai every Friday night around 9:00 pm.
• MBK Fight Nights.
MBK is located beside National Stadium near BTS Station. Entry to this venue is free. MBK Fight Nights are popular among shoppers as majorly it happens in massive malls.
If you are a fan of Muay Thai, you can’t visit Thailand and complete your vacation without attending one of Muay Thai daily fights that in the city. So, you are desirous of the best places to see Muay Thai in Chiang Mai then prestigious stadiums to touristy malls can serve you the best.