Best Places to See Muay Thai in Bangkok

Watching Muay Thai fights in Bangkok is the dream of any enthusiast of the sport. Beloved worldwide the Thai boxing sport can be viewed in many arenas and stadiums throughout the country but there is something special about having the experience in Bangkok.
Rajadamnern Stadium
Ramjadamnern Stadium is the top pick on this list of best place s to see Muay Thai in Bangkok not only for how accessible it is to get to for most tourists but also because you can see a fight almost any night of the week. With a staggering number of events scheduled per year, you don’t have to worry about what nights you will be in town to see some of the best authentic Muay Thai fighting available! Make sure to get to the stadium early to see this historic landmark, buy merchandise and get food.
Lumpinee Stadium
The New Lumpinee Stadium is quite possibly the most well known Thai boxing arena in the world. This venue is a must-see when in Bangkok. Although the stadium itself is new and has replaced the original Lumpinee, this is still the place to see premier Muay Thai fighting. This is the place where the best of the best battle it out and it’s impossible to be disappointed with this venue.
MBK Fight Night
MLK Fight Night made this list because it brings something a bit different to a list filled with the classic, historical and most popular Muay Thai gyms. MLK Fight Night allows women fighters and draws large and excited crowds. If you are looking for an exciting and different night of fighting this should fit the bill.
Channel 7 Stadium
No list of best place s to see Muay Thai in Bangkok would be complete without the Channel 7 Stadium. Known as Sanam Muay Chong Jed to the locals. This stadium is a television studio, that has been broadcasting Thai boxing since the early 1970s. Free to enter and accessible to many other city attractions, you do not want to miss an opportunity to visit Channel 7 Stadium.
Omnoi Stadium
Omnoi Stadium is another one of the “big four” Muay Thai fighting venues in Bangkok. No list would be complete without mentioning it. One of the things that makes Omnoi Stadium stand out is how its original mission was to broadcast fights is what brought the crowds to the Omni Stadium door and caused the organization to grow to its current 4000 seat capacity. While Channel 7 has always been a stadium and catered to larger than life action. Omnoi grew in quite the opposite fashion.
Come see for yourself the special appeal and style that makes this stadium a giant in a city where you can see Thai boxing all over town.