The Best Places to See Muay Thai in Phuket

Muay Thai may be best known as the national sport of Thailand, but this graceful fighting art is also surging in popularity worldwide.
Each year, thousands of visitors flock to the small island of Phuket to have an up-close-and-personal experience with authentic Muay Thai fighting. Some visitors even join the fight themselves! If you’re thinking about traveling to Thailand to get in on the action, here are the best place s to see Muay Thai in Phuket:

Where to See Muay Thai in Phuket

Bangla Muay Thai Boxing Stadium
Fortunately for Muay Thai enthusiasts, there are plenty of ways to experience the sport in Phuket. In fact, there are so many boxing stadiums and Muay Thai training camps on the island, visitors can usually catch an event every day of the week.

Perhaps the most famous Muay Thai stadium in Phuket, Bangla Thai Boxing Stadium hosts matches every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The fights tend to feature international competitors, but there are usually a few local favorites each week as well. A VIP ticket will set you back 2,500 THB while a basic sttadium seat is 1,700 THB.
Patong Boxing Stadium
Located on the beautiful Patong Beach, Patong Boxing Stadium puts on a great show for visitors every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday night starting at 9:00 PM and going until late. The fights feature local stars as well as amateur fights between westerners who have been training at one of their camps. VIP tickets cost 1,800 THB, ringside tickets cost 1,500 THB, and regular stadium seats are 1,300 THB.

Phuket Stadium at Saphan Hin

Located in Phuket City, this is the oldest boxing stadium in Phuket and also the most affordable. Entrance costs just 450 THB! Phuket Stadium does not have a website, but visitors praise it for it’s low-key, authentic atmosphere featuring the best local fighters and select guests from the rest of Thailand. Shows take place on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:00 PM, and you can book tickets at any local tourist shop.
While these are our three favorite spots to catch a great Muay Thai match, the culture of Phuket is steeped in this ancient martial art. You won’t have to look far to find a great fight, whether you want to be a spectator or a participant.
Be sure to check out the matches playing in Patong bars or on Muay TV on your downtime. For the most adventurous travelers, there are lots of Muay Thai training camps to choose from. Train for two weeks or more and get ready to face your opponent.